January 1st, 2013

Dear Friends,

    When I was deciding the name of the website, For Your Benefit seemed like a natural choice. The product was for you, the viewer, the subject. It was also about the greater you: Canada, a representation of Canadian Nightlife and what made it unique. My purpose was to go to an event and document it. I didn't expect anything from anyone and I was given the same respect in return. Upon entering the industry on a more professional and serious note, I found the world of politics and expectations taking a toll on my work. As control of content became increasingly divided, I found myself being more and more unavailable to attend those events which really sparked my interest.

    Hence, I have decided to take a break for an indefinite period of time. The people I have met, and the smiles I've captured I will not forget. I do not regret the parties I have covered, and the events I have been to, as it was all worth it. The support I have received has been more than I could have ever asked for, and I hope it will continue. I leave the lines of communication open.

Yours Truly,

Ed Gumuchian